About Us

Get to Know a Dependable Home Construction Company

John James Construction Co was founded by a group of highly skilled home building experts. Today, we apply extensive skills and experience to complete quality works within the Tulsa Metropolitan Area.

Co-Founder and Construction Specialist

John Robertson has been in the construction industry almost exclusively since 1972. He was a frame carpenter and stone mason, as well as a laborer for a brick crew.

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Founding a Business

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In 1975, John started his own framing company. His business specialized in custom homes and eventually grew into light commercial and multi-unit residential condominium projects.

New Venture

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In 1983, John began a new company that focused on general residential and commercial projects. They completed renovations, remodels, additions, and tenant improvements. They also completed large additions and renovations for restaurants and offices.

John spent six years framing and trimming high-end luxury apartments and custom homes in Virginia. His work also included designing and building custom houses.

However, in 1994, John and Gina came back to Tulsa, Oklahoma to begin building homes.

About Our Name

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John James Construction Co was originally a corporation consisting of John and Gina Robertson as well as James (Tom) and Gay Winslow.  We decided to use the first names of John Robertson and James (Tom) Winslow to create the name we have today.

However, in 1998, Tom and Gay stepped down and continued in real estate. John and Gina remained and became the owners of John James Construction Co.

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Creating Custom Designs

John began designing homes while in Virginia. Today, we are proud to share that we designed 95% of all the homes and some commercial buildings we have built over the last 29 years.

We have never built the same home twice. Our designs are mostly completed only by us and while working with our clients and their architects.

Our Specialty

While we have built a few homes in the speculative market, we have always been drawn to custom homes and unique residential projects. We have also so done several light commercial projects that have been designed from scratch.

Discover More Today

For more information on our company, staff, and services, reach out to our professionals here in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

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